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Combien de types de machines à tour de bois?

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How many types ofwood lathe machinessais-tu? Follow Leapion into the world of wood lathes.

Centre Types

Centre lathe machine is the most common type. The old transmission was driven by a belt-conducted tower wheel, but now, it has been changed to a gearbox transmission. The advantage of the gearbox is that it can accurately control the speed of the spindle without excessively high spindle speed range, belt friction, or slippage. Because the spindle is placed horizontally, it is also known as a horizontal type. If the bed surface is notched, it is a Gap type.

Bench Top Types

Benchtop lathe machines are also known as desktop lathes and mini lathes. Their type and structure are similar to centre types. They are usually installed on a work table and get their name. They are suitable for the production of precision measuring tools, instruments and small parts. Vertical Types The main spindle of the vertical lathe is installed vertically, the bed is horizontal, and the workpiece is placed on the rotatable bed. It is especially suitable for turning large diameter but short length workpieces.

Turret Types

Turret lathe machines are also known as hexagonal lathes, which are designed to replace the tailstock of ordinary lathes with a hexagonal rotating turret. Especially suitable for processing a large number of workpieces in a variety of processing procedures (such as drilling, reaming, boring), and suitable for mass production.

Automatic Types

The automatic lathe can automatically turn the workpiece according to the processing order. After the turning is completed, it will automatically retract the tool, feed the material, and perform the turning of the next finished product, which is suitable for mass production of smaller diameter workpieces.

Copying Types

It is also known as profiling or imitation turning lathe, which uses the stylus to move in accordance with the shape of the model or template, and the turning tool also moves the turning work accordingly, so it can turn the workpiece exactly as the model.

CNC Types

Le nom complet est \"Machine de tour de bois contrôlée numérique \", ou \"Machine à tour de bois CNC \" pour courte. L'avantage est qu'il convient à la transformation de pièces avec de grandes quantités, des conceptions complexes et des exigences de haute précision. Les tours de CNC haut de gamme sont également appelés centres de tournage CNC.

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